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Tuesday 18th February quote quote all
Keeping in mind that there is no chance I am going to be able to afford the real thing any time soon, have there been any good replica shells made?



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Tuesday 18th February quote quote all

Hawk do an Ace.

Have a look at Talon Sportscars (build agent for Hawk) of a rather nice BMW 6 cylinder they built.



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Sunday 23rd February quote quote all
I built a Hawk AC ACE replica nearly 20 years ago. MGB front suspension, MGB rear axle and Triumph TR6 running gear with overdrive gearbox. It made for an excellent car that drove entirely like an authentic British sportscar of the 60s just with much more predictable handling and rather faster. I could have used a BMW 6 or almost any V8 but the choice of engine was quite deliberate and added an air of authenticity.


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Sunday 23rd February quote quote all
I had a ride around Zolder with Dudley from Talon Sportscars in a Hawk Ace he built ( he is an agent ) . Gorgeous little car . Had a BMW engine I think, which apparently was evolved from the one originally fitted in the Ace so technically authentic? Sort of?
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