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Tuesday 2nd March 2010 quote quote all

I'm looking at buying a used C220 CDI estate.

Any owners with one care to comment on them?

Is the C220 a better option to the C270?

Is buying one with 100K miles a viable option - good for 200K+?

Read about a lag pulling away on the C220's?

Is the C320 a viable option? I love this engine, but thirsy and only later models?




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Tuesday 2nd March 2010 quote quote all
had a 06 C220CDI for over 3 years now, very nice car not much trouble. I have a auto which is the reason the MPG is not to good, avarage about 36mpg. I would alway recommend the bigger engine, less stressed and usually dont take much more fuel. But if you are looking for economy get a manual.


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Thursday 4th March 2010 quote quote all
Love my C220 estate.

Auto box is nice and smooth and the car soaks up the miles. Original fat tyres gave a smoother ride than current 18's, but with the 18's it handles quite well in the turns.

Build quality appears pretty good, only a few niggles with mine at 65k miles.

Avoid the really light interiors, mine has marked quite a lot. Neighbour has a C220 sport with all black interior (inc headliner) and it looks much better.

As per other post, I typically get about 36 to 38 mpg which isn't too bad, just not as good as some of today's diesels. And yes, I probably would rather the 320, but hey ho!


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Sunday 7th March 2010 quote quote all
Some typical economy stats from a 320cdi:

A ~6 mile drive along fairly free flowing 30-40mph roads, stopping at 5-6 sets of traffic lights / roundabouts gets between 33 and 38mpg.

A steady motorway run within a few mph of the speed limit gets around 49 - 51mpg.

A stop / start 16M drive through London around rush hour = 25mpg. (home was 30 in more free flowing conditions)

Never seen it go below 25 for long, even in near grid-lock traffic.

So probably at least 10% down on a C220cdi, but the performance of the car is in a different league. It never felt slow stepping in from cars regarded for performance rather than economy.


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Sunday 7th March 2010 quote quote all
I would go for either 220 or 320.

The performance of the 320 you'll never tire, loads of torque not as common in the C class though.

I'm not a fan personally of the 270. Seem to be more problematic at higher mileage.

220s are pretty reliable, optimum fuel economy being the smallest engine.
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