Wednesday 18th March 2009

Video: BMW X6 M

German car show reveals details of new X6 (in German)

'Out my way - the kids are late for school'
'Out my way - the kids are late for school'
If you like standing out there’s nothing quite like a BMW X6. Whether this is for the right or wrong reasons depends on how you look at the monstrous SUV coupe, but if it is ‘presence’ you are after it takes some beating.

But soon there will be a way to stand out even from the X6-driving hoi polloi – and it’s going to be called the X6 M.

The ‘M’ version of the X6 – along with the X5 M – will be arriving next month but in the meantime we have some new footage of the ultimate up-yours to, well, everything really, courtesy of German TV show Grip.

According to the program the cars will accelerate to 60mph in under five seconds and will retail for 100,000 Euros. Our German is a bit rusty so we don’t understand anything else sadly but what we do know is that an X6 M, a frozen lake and a free afternoon look like a good combination…

Author: Oli S

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