Monday 13th December 2010

Spotted: Ferrari F40 Limousine Replica

Yes, it is as odd as it sounds. Mystery limo caught on Japanese classified site

This one is so far beyond weird we actually quite like it: spotted on a Japanese classified website, a Ferrari F40 limousine.

The asking price for this car-from-the-twilight-zone is, according to the ad on the disturbingly named 'Goo Net', 5.8 million yen. Although neither our maths nor our Japanese is particularly brilliant, we reckon this translates to around £43,821.76. Approximately.

What exactly you would be getting for your money is entirely beyond us, however. The one thing we can say for certain is that, despite it being a surprisingly well-detailed copy (well, the front and the back bits), no actual F40s were harmed in its creation.

But just what is beneath that bizarre bodywork? Our resident team of automotive super-sleuths (well, myself and Mr Will) are at a loss.

So can you work out what lies beneath the bright red bodywork? Answers on a postcard, please...

Author: Riggers

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