Friday 8th May 2009

Lotus Evora To Be Windswept And 'Blown

Convertible and supercharged versions of the Evora due by 2012

Lotus will launch a new supercharged version of the Evora within two years, and will sacrifice the rear seats to create a new convertible version.

The supercharged Evora will get at least 350bhp in the top-spec models, but a lower powered variant will also be developed to sit between the range topper and current 276bhp 3.5-litre V6 model.

In addition to the new sportier Evora, Hethel’s latest 2+2 coupe will also acquire a paddle-shift transmission before the end of 2010 providing an even closer match to its nearest rival, the Porsche Cayman. The company is also likely to launch a motorsport version to underline the company’s core principal of lightweight performance.

The addition of an electric folding roof will see the rear seats disappear on the Evora convertible, that is currently due to arrive in 2012. But despite the added complexity and reduced structural rigidity, Lotus still believes the drop-top Evora will satisfy the company’s key objectives of producing a lightweight and great handling car. For that reason the roof is likely to be made of fabric, and will be stored in front of the engine to limit the affect it has on the car’s weight distribution.

Author: George B

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