Monday 5th October 2009

Marlin Plans New GT

Racing improves the breed for West-Country minnow

Marlin's 5EXi 'out in front' at Castle Combe
Marlin's 5EXi 'out in front' at Castle Combe
Devon-based racing and kitcar maker Marlin is planning to introduce a new 'ultra-modern GT' next year, with a roof and a raft of aerodynamic upgrades that will be honed on the race track.

The new car is a development of the 5EXi, a 600kg lightweight racing and/or road car that Marlin has been campaigning in the Castle Combe GT Championship for the last three years.

With a range of Honda, Rover and VW engines on offer and up to 450/bhp per ton for hairiest versions - translating to 0-60mph in fewer than 3 seconds - the 5EXi has already been reviewed warmly by various motoring publications.

...and the roadgoing version
...and the roadgoing version
The new - currently nameless - model will apparently debut next year on the race track before road-going versions are released.

"Without giving too much away at this stage, we can say that the new car is an ultra modern GT with a greatly improved aero dynamic package. It is anticipated that the slick and comfort providing hard top will also be capable of removal for those occasions where an open sportscar is preferred," Marlin told PH.

"The full racing version will be produced initially, then arduously track and race tested before the road model will be finalised."


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