Thursday 30th September 2010

Paris: Lotus Exos Type 125

As close as you'll get to an F1 car

Hot on the heels of the track only 2-Eleven, Lotus decided to follow it up with an even more track-focused offering. So they've given us this, the Exos Type 125.

It comes with a 645bhp, 10,800rpm 3.5-litre Cosworth V8 and a carbon fibre monocoque. That means it's got close to 1000bhp per tonne. Apparently the lump will last 3000 miles between rebuilds, too (Positively astronomical service intervals... - Ed).

Owners also get access to the exclusive 'Exos Club' - an organisation which will run track events with racing and fitness instructors as well as mechanical support.

Unlike 'regular' F1-esque track specials, the Exos doesn't need a full pit crew to start it up. You can fire up the engine from inside the cockpit.

Only 25 will be built and they'll each cost in excess of £600,000 - so you've got to really want one over, say... three Ferrari 458s, a phalanx of Evoras, or a pair of Zondas...

Deliveries start in spring 2011.

Author: A1GOY

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