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Wednesday 3rd November 2010

Mazda Reveals Track-tastic Concepts And Racers

SEMA show reveals some very quick Mazdas (insert Zoom-Zoom joke here)

Mazda has produced a gaggle of tweaked cars for the SEMA show in Las Vegas, including a 180mph Mazda 3 and a supermini circuit car called the Mazda 2 Evil Track.

Mazda has also created a special version of its MX-5 to celebrate the car's 20th anniversary - the MX-5 Super20, which has had rather a lot of modifications, including a supercharged Cosworth engine.

The 180mph Mazda 3 is actually a Redline Time Attack competition car, and runs more than 500bhp courtesy of its deeply modified 2.5-litre turbocharged motor - but Mazda hasn't provided a picture in its press release and, since we have no Las Vegas correspondent (applications accepted via e-mail...), you'll just have to imagine what it looks like (...or you can have a look at the Time Attack Mazda 3 here).

The Mazda 2 Evil Track car (no, we're not quite sure about that name either) is also a fully committed racer that conforms to all the relevant US motorsport requirements for series racing.

Read more details on the three mad SEMA Mazdas in the press release here

Author: Riggers

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