Thursday 16th June 2011

Volkswagen Beetle R Mooted

Hot Beetle could be on the cards for Frankfurt. Maybe

A hot Volkswagen Beetle R could be presented to the world as soon as the Frankfurt motor show this September, according to US mag Car & Driver.

Apparently, the Beetle R will get front-wheel drive, much like the Scirocco R. It is expected to be a little down on power compared with the Scirocco R, however, with a 237bhp turbocharged 2.0-litre four-pot playing the Scirocco's 261bhp.

That is, however, a significant jump over the 197bhp 2.0 TFSI motor in the Beetle Turbo, which is the fastest Beetle motor for now (and features in the US-only Volkswagen Beetle Black Turbo Launch Edition that you see in the picture).

C&D also surmises that a convertible Beetle R is a possibility, but points out that VW is as yet unsure whether or not there is a market for a car of this sort...

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