Thursday 12th January 2012

Infiniti sheds (some) light on new sports car

Production boss explains more about Infiniti's first mid-engined offering, and gives us a new teaser pic

Engine bit to go 'here'...
Engine bit to go 'here'...
Infiniti's snappily titled 'Deputy Division General Manager of Product Planning and Strategy' (and breathe), Francois Bancon, has shed a touch more light on Infiniti's planned Geneva sports car concept.

The new car, which will be a range-extender hybrid, will consist of a 1.2-litre internal combustion engine that powers a battery pack and electric motor, rather than directly driving the wheels. "This is not the only solution, but this is a very promising one", says Bancon.

"The capability to combine the potency of an internal combustion engine on one side and the battery - EV - on the appealing on many levels: to achieve an uncompromised level of performance for a sports car, but on top of this it's possible during an urban drive to be just zero emissions."

The Geneva concept will also be Infiniti's first-ever mid-engined model as it's "the most rational way to distribute the weight and to deliver a high level of handling and performance".

But why go for a range-extender rather than the less ambitious 'mild hybrid' sports car that other manufacturers seem to be toying with?

"When you have more and more cities, especially in Europe, who are kind of banning the internal combustion engine at whatever the level of emission," says Bancon, "with this car you're going to be able to run downtown to London, for example, with no guilt. You are not guilty - you are on zero emissions. At the same time you can have fun on the race track with the maximum performance the car can enjoy."

Sounds reasonable to us, Francois...



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