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dal2litrefrogeye's  Ultima  GTR  6300 cc  (2007)
Last updated: Saturday 13th November 2010
I’ve owned my Ultima for a year now and in that year taken the mileage from 950 miles to just into 2000 miles. I bought it off the first owner who had basically had it built by the factory, which I personally found quite reassuring. Within that 1000 miles of ownership I have had 2 quite major mechanical breakdowns (the “I’ve never heard of that happening before” type failures), both of which were straight forward to repair. The first happened just a month after getting it. It was a crisp December day and I was showing a chum how good it is on mpg (wink wink). I was just leaving the M25 on the slip road, going up through the gears when a core plug left the engine along with the coolant. Luckily I noticed this in a nano-second and shut the engine down. So my third time out and I was brought home on the back of a flat-bed truck – oops! I fitted a new core plug, which I lock tighted in and applied liquid metal as a mechanical seal as well. I also applied this to the other plugs as a belt and braces thing (none of them had seemed to have moved – just unlucky with the one that popped out). All has been OK ever since and no damage was done to the engine. The second breakdown had a touch of irony about it – I’ll explain. After about 4-5 months into ownership I was now starting to drive it harder and had noticed that I could bring the back end out (in a controlled way) at will a la LSD. Now when I bought the car I asked the previous owner if the gearbox (Porsche G5003 gearbox) was fitted with an LSD – he told me he didn’t think it was (in my research on the G50 it seemed more came without LSD than with), so, I assumed it didn’t. Then, one Friday night I was looking at thread on Pistonheads explaining the serial codes to the G50 gearbox, so armed with this information I trotted up to my garage (it was about 23.30 – no time like the present!) to check out my gearbox, and da naa! Bingo – mine is a G5003 complete with factory LSD – result! So, the following Monday, as luck would have it, there was a local summer pub car meet so it seemed rude not to take the Ultima with my newly found LSD. I pulled the car out of the garage, trundled down the garden and went to manoeuvre it on the drive and nothing. A box full of neutral with a really floppy gear stick. I opened the rear clam and checked the gear linkage and joints. All was OK except for the gear change shaft going from outside to deep, deep into the gearbox (“oh bugger” I said!). Now as luck would have it, there is a one-man band type guy who lives exactly 1 ½ streets away, who has worked from home for the last 30 years on Porsches. So, on the following evening (after the initial breakdown) I pulled the gearbox out of the car (which took approx 2 hours (which I was well pleased with)) and took it round to the Porsche man. He supplied and fitted a new shaft, checked out all of the gears, bearings and synchros (which were all well within tolerances), and also fitted a tall 5th gear set. Although annoying, these 2 fairly major breakdowns, on the up-side, have made the car feel more my own (if you know what I mean). The rest of the ownership thing has been/is the nuts!!!! The reaction I get from people is well good (hands up I am a show off!!) My future plan is a full year of sprinting in it next year and mechanically to fit an aqua sump as a bit of insurance in the tight corners when sprinting. TTFN
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