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Dr Interceptor's  Jaguar  XJ8 (X308)  4.0 Auto  (1998)
Last updated: Thursday 7th March 2013

Bought for £2,300 in November 2011 at 87,500 miles.

Acquired at an auction late in last year - I rescued it from a young lad who wanted to buy it for banger racing! Having fallen in love with the 4.0 litre V8, I stuck my hand in the air and took her home.

Makes a nice weekend alternative to the diesel Fiesta.

Cracking car to drive, feels smaller than it is, goes like stink.

Sold 31/01/13
Costs Over 14 Months
and 2,600 miles
Total Per
Fuel (124 gallons @ 21 mpg):   £765   £656   £55   29.4p
Total: £765   £656   £55 £0.29
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