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Previously Owned
WeirdNeville's  Subaru  Impreza  WRX PPP  (2005)
Last updated: Saturday 6th October 2012

Bought for £5,500 in January 2012 at 54,100 miles. Sold for £4,950 at 61,800 miles.

Wanted something more modern, fast, offering value for money and safety. Ended up with this!

Costs Over 8 Months
and 7,700 miles
Total Per
Depreciation:   £550   £69   7.1p
Fuel (285 gallons @ 27 mpg):   £1,802   £225   23.4p
Running Costs      
Tyres: £460
Servicing/Repairs: £552
Total Running Costs: £1,012 £127 13.1p
Total: £3,364   £421 £0.44
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