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Previously Owned
Hyperen's  Yamaha  YBR-125   (2007)
Last updated: Thursday 4th April 2013

Bought for £1,000 in August 2012 at 5,700 miles. Sold for £845 at 7,365 miles.

Nice economical little runaround to potter around on for fun till I get a big bike

Update: Part-ex'd for ER5. Was a great little bike for building confidence and even OK for commuting on when the sun was shining/my Puma was being unreliable. Looking forward to that big bike experience now though

Oct 2012 - MOT - £25
Oct 2012 - Tax - £16
Costs Over 8 Months
and 1,665 miles
Total Per
Depreciation:   £155   £19   9.3p
Fuel (15 gallons @ 110.4 mpg):   £94   £12   5.6p
Running Costs      
Insurance: £220
Servicing/Repairs: £25
Tax: £16
Total Running Costs: £261 £33 15.7p
Total: £510   £64 £0.31
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