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RichB's  Aston Martin  DB2/4 Mk III  Saloon  (1958)
Last updated: Sunday 18th January
1958 Aston Martin DB 2/4 Mark III (usually known simply as the DB Mark III) was the last of the Feltham built Astons before construction fully moved to Newport Pagnell. The DB Mark III with it's 3ltr twin OHC straight six engine by WO Bentley and body by ex-Lagonda designer Frank Feeley is notable as being the first road going Aston Martin to use the iconic grill shape based on the DB3S sports racing car and which is characteristic of every Aston Martin since. It is also the Aston Martin first used by James Bond in Ian Fleming’s Novel Goldfinger where he selected the Aston DB III (sic) in preference to a Jaguar Mark 2 from Q’s pool of cars for his mission to pursue Goldfinger through France to Switzerland.

I've owned my MkIII since 2007 and while I've not chased Goldfinger in it I have driven her through France and Switzerland to Italy and been the track at Monza. Together with Le Mans and Goodwood it certainly gets used.
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