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KelWedge's  Honda  CIVIC  LSi AUTO COUPE  (1994)
Last updated: Thursday 4th October 2012

Bought for £1,500 in February 2005 at 48,000 miles. Sold for £130 at 160,000 miles.

Great Fun, Handles well, Never goes wrong and I add 15000 miles a year.
I bought this over 6 years ago as 2 Owner and 48000 miles now its over 140000 miles and used as my drive to work car, Reliable and also fun to drive, A Great car. Bought for £1500 Not bad at all I say, Well at 7 and half years its time to say good bye it will be over 160,000 miles by the time it goes next week - A Brill car . It's gone good to the end, and got 130 quid for it,
Costs Over 92 Months
and 112,000 miles
Total Per
Depreciation:   £1,370   £179   £15   1.2p
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