Previously Owned
davetherave1970's  TVR  Cerbera  4.5  (1998)
Servicing/Repairs @ 43,700 miles. Wednesday 22nd February 2006
New drop link fitted at Leven.
Servicing/Repairs @ 43,500 miles. Monday 5th December 2005
Back to Leven as after having a new alternator the Batt light stays on for 10 mins from first starting.
Leven replaced FOC
Thank you thumbup
Insurance @ 43,400 miles. Tuesday 22nd November 2005
Direct line came in best.
Servicing/Repairs @ 43,270 miles. Friday 14th October 2005
Popped into Leven.
Speedo sensor adjusted as it wasn't reading correctly under 40mph and drivers front light wasn't working.
Turned out to be the plug had come off the back rolleyes
Servicing/Repairs @ 42,900 miles. Wednesday 5th October 2005
Replace diff mounting bracket
Check out the pics:
Replace all three diff bushes.
All done by Dan and Simon at Leven.
Thanks guys.
@ 42,800 miles. Tuesday 4th October 2005
MOT at Leven.
Passed with ease.
Servicing/Repairs @ 41,873 miles. Friday 9th September 2005
Gone to Castles to have the steering rack removed and sent back to the factory for reconditioning.
Pro-former invoice (so I can get it paid for by AA warranty) £1057.51
AA have agreed to pay £735 only so I'm now trying to make a deal with Castles
15th - just called for an update. Most of the internal parts need did I keep it on the road!!
When removing the rack they found that 1 x water pipe and 2 x power steering pipes need replacing. Another £85 ish!
I'll update costs when completed.
Monday 19th, Factory called to say the rack can not be re-con'd. New one ordered. AA warranty have put the claim up to max £975.
Still don't have a final cost

Collected car 22nd Sept (just in time for CREAM).
Brand new steering rack fitted.
New alarm siren fitted (supplied by me).
AA have paid £975 and I paid the rest.
It's like a different car now!
Servicing/Repairs @ 41,500 miles. Thursday 1st September 2005
New alarm siren from Car & Bike Installations Ltd.
Carl knows his stuff!
Servicing/Repairs @ 41,050 miles. Monday 8th August 2005
Leven had the car while I was on holiday.
Rewired front lights.
Refurbed front brake calipers.
Checked wheel alignment.
Adjusted alternator belt.
Changed starter motor (foc) as sticking.
Replaced bonnet lock parts.
Thanks guys! thumbup
@ 40,500 miles. Sunday 17th July 2005
After all the work at Leven Cerbie went even faster.
Servicing/Repairs @ 40,000 miles. Wednesday 6th July 2005
New battery supplied and fitted by Leven thumbup
Servicing/Repairs @ 39,550 miles. Tuesday 14th June 2005
Took to Racing Green for rear discs to be skimmed.
eek Shocked to discover the discs have cracked. 9 of the fins!
New pair fitted. J0728 306mm Discs.
thumbup Racing Green
Servicing/Repairs @ 39,450 miles. Thursday 9th June 2005
Castles supplied airbox bracket and I fitted.
Also while there Castles re-welded exhaust bracket.
Excellent yet again! thumbup
Servicing/Repairs @ 39,400 miles. Wednesday 8th June 2005
Brake parts from BG Developments.
1 x CP2290-50 1.62" x 32mm Piston
1 x CP2409-124 1.5" x 32mm Piston
4 x CP4519-JK 1.5" x 1.62" Seal Kits

Going to get Dan Taylor at Leven to service the front brakes!
Servicing/Repairs @ 39,060 miles. Tuesday 31st May 2005
Went back to Leven to adjust the idle speed as the balance bar and ball joints have now settled down. While on the way rev counter was all over the place when using any electrics.
Turns out to be the alternator. New one will be fitted tomorrow by Leven.
Servicing/Repairs @ 38,933 miles. Friday 27th May 2005
12k service.
Tappets - all 16
New front discs fitted / 322mm dia. J0422 - J0423.
New anti roll bar bushes.
New throttle link balance bar & ball joints.
Magnecor set of leads / KV85.
All work done at Leven. Excellent work. Now goes even faster!!! If that's possible
Servicing/Repairs @ 38,500 miles. Monday 16th May 2005
2nd hand manifolds from Douglas Valley £350
New rear exhaust boxes £280
New throttle Cable
All fitted by Dan & Simon @ Leven £560 thumbup
Servicing/Repairs @ 38,250 miles. Sunday 1st May 2005
New front discs from Joospeed.
Servicing/Repairs @ 38,000 miles. Wednesday 20th April 2005
Into Leven for Dan to replace the Starter Motor for an upgraded one.
Got it covered under the AA warranty! £411.25
Servicing/Repairs @ 37,300 miles. Wednesday 6th April 2005
Front brake pads fitted.
Read brake pads fitted (now squeek)
Braded brake pipes fitted.
Released jammed piston in brake caliper.
Replaced brake fluid with 5.1
New front and rear badges fitted.
All work done at Leven.
Servicing/Repairs @ 37,000 miles. Tuesday 29th March 2005
New front brake pads.
EBC Green stuff DP2002 from Leven.
Fitting myself 30th March.
Update: 1 caliper piston seised weeping Going to Leven to sort 6th April.
Also while there getting rear pads changed, new brake fluid and pipes, exhaust being looked at due to it sounding louder! yikes
@ 36,000 miles. Sunday 20th March 2005
Wife got 161mph
Great day out.
Thanks Craig.
Servicing/Repairs @ 35,286 miles. Saturday 22nd January 2005
Dreaded MIL light started flashing.
Castle TVR found fault. ECU coolant sensor failure. Engine was fueling for cold running when hot.
Replaced all OK
Thanks Castles.
Servicing/Repairs @ 34,400 miles. Monday 10th January 2005
Refurb to two wheels. One as touched a curb in Cambridge parking last week, the other was marked while having service.
Done by Premier autos (Steve).
Servicing/Repairs @ 33,700 miles. Thursday 9th December 2004
Into Leven for Dan Taylor to sort out the wheel alignment. Big thumbup to the Leven Team. Dream drive home!
Dan spent two and a half hours on it.
Insurance @ 33,100 miles. Monday 15th November 2004
Sunninghill. 90 days European cover and includes track days (which I'm yet to do my 1st)
Upgrades @ 33,000 miles. Sunday 14th November 2004
Leven open day. Couldn't resist buying something.
New petrol cap £40
Ordered new front and rear badges.
Servicing/Repairs @ 32,405 miles. Friday 29th October 2004
New radiator.
Fitted by Castle TVR.
Warranty covered it in full.
Received warranty cheque 12th Nov
thumbup Castles.
Servicing/Repairs @ 32,211 miles. Wednesday 20th October 2004
Removed both driveshafts & fitted 4 new gaiters.
Replaced worn steering column joint.
Replaced A/C belt and recharged A/C system.
refitted CAT pipes, set up engine for emmissions test, Refitted DE-CAT pipes after MOT test.
Removed centre console, repaired handbrake lever and linkage, refitted console.
Replaced faulty low note horn.
Cleaned chassis and re stone guarded.
Fitted Helicoil sump thread.
Fitted new wiper blades.

Big thank you to CASTLE TVR for excellent service. Always called me with the progress. thumbup
Tax @ 32,211 miles. Wednesday 20th October 2004
1 years TAX.
Upgrades @ 31,534 miles. Wednesday 29th September 2004
Took to Austec Racing to fit new tyres, nitrons and full wheel alignment.
Told me my brake discs and pads needed replacing, got a second opinion and it would seem they don't rolleyes They still have 50% left on the pads and the discs are fine.
Also after washing the car I've noticed marks on the rear off side wheel where the wheel alignment kit was. Not happy but it's too late now.
Upgrades @ 31,100 miles. Friday 17th September 2004
Bought set of Nitrons from EBay member.
Tyres @ 31,000 miles. Tuesday 14th September 2004
4 x Bridgestone S03 tyres from MYTYRES.COM
Servicing/Repairs @ 27,900 miles. Wednesday 23rd June 2004
Near side exhaust bracket broken.
Took to Castle TVR with only a phone calls notice and they welded it back together free of charge. Free cup of coffee also!!
Servicing/Repairs @ 27,100 miles. Friday 14th May 2004
12k service completed.
What I thought was the diff bush was just a loose diff mount bolt. All sorted.
Thanks very much Castle TVR. clap
Servicing/Repairs @ 27,100 miles. Thursday 13th May 2004
Cerb gone in to Castle's for 12k service and diff bush.
Two days.
Loan car given.
Costs will be added after collection.
Servicing/Repairs @ 26,520 miles. Wednesday 28th April 2004
Getting a thump from the rear when putting gas on and taking gas off. I think it's a diff bush.
It goes in for it's 12k service middle of May so they can do it then!!
Other than that it's been fantastic since the 2nd March. No problems. Loving every minute.
Servicing/Repairs @ 24,854 miles. Friday 27th February 2004
Finaly got it into Castles for the following:
Replacement oil pressure switch (cost to me)
Welded broken exhaust (cost to me)
Replaced coil (under warranty)£175
Replaced both throttle pots (cost to me)

While changing the coil they broke some rivnuts for the coil plate. Took three orders to get the correct ones. If they got the correct ones the first time then I could have collected it on the Saturday. Never mind, I had the loan car!!

Fantastic drive home (on the Tuesday afternoon - 2nd March)
Servicing/Repairs @ 23,250 miles. Friday 23rd January 2004
Oil leak seen while at Castles. Needs new oil pressure switch. Ordered and will wait until it's in.
6th Feb: Switch still not in!!
20th Feb: Switch is in at last. Booked in for 27th Feb for switch, exhaust heat shield rattle and engine tune (running lumpy) maybe throttle pots?
Servicing/Repairs @ 23,250 miles. Thursday 22nd January 2004
Into castle's today. Great service. Provided my own room to study for an exam while they checked out flat spot.
Seems when the clutch was changed the lamba sensors were removed for saftey and then put back the wrong way around (left to right, right to left).
Anyway, all sorted and running very smoothly now.
Servicing/Repairs @ 23,150 miles. Tuesday 13th January 2004
Cerbie returned with new clutch etc.
Clutch is now so light. Great stuff.
One problem though, very large flat spot on throttle. Poping it in to Castle's asap.
Servicing/Repairs @ 23,150 miles. Sunday 21st December 2003
Clutch pressure gone. Fluid on floor. Probably slave cylinder.
Dealer was ordering new clutch for the new year anyway so this to add now.
Update 2nd Jan: Dealer can't collect car until W/C 5th Jan. So difficult seeing it every day and not being able to drive it AAAHHHHhhhhh.
Update 10th Jan: Dealer collected car 8th Jan. Will be back 13th Jan. Can't wait!!
Servicing/Repairs @ 22,500 miles. Monday 15th December 2003
Going back to Dealer on transporter to have the following done: -
Oil Leak (hoping it's not too serious).
Two new front spider alloys as dented Paying for one).
Loud rattle/banging on underside of floor. Exhaust?
Wipers come on when turning left.
Front light sometimes work.
Water leak onto dash and drivers footwell.
Passenage door opening by itself.
Water pipe not connected to wiper wash.
Warning buzzer turned down.

Maybe while it's there I'll get the wheel geometry checked.

If parts aren't a problem then my Cerbie will be delivered back to me on a transporter the same week!!

Update on above: -
New wheels not arrived yet.
Oil leak - resealed breather unit.
Wipers - repaired wiring, bad earth.
Lights - repaired wiring.
Water leak - resealed seal around master cylinder.
NS door - Adjust emergency exit cable.
Exhaust knocking - adjusted.
Washers - replaced washer pipe.
Buzzer volume - adjusted. Spot on now.
Aircon? - regassed.
Wheel geomrty - adjusted.
Clutch? - adjusted.