Previously Owned
dr_rallye's  Peugeot  106 Rallye  S2 16v  (1998)
@ 123,000 miles. Saturday 27th November 2010
I've now been driving for 15 years in which time I've:

* Owned 6 cars
* Picked up 6 points and had then expunged
* Crashed twice
* Run out of petrol once
* Taken a skid-pan course
* Driven a rally car
* Experienced a trackday
* Test-driven the car of my dreams
* Never lost the desire to drive nice cars
Servicing/Repairs @ 123,000 miles. Monday 15th November 2010
The car is off the roads for major overhaul. This has so far included refurbishing the gearbox:

And getting to grips with the engine bay bodywork. Welding will be needed!

Car will be back on the roads in 2011 with an ITB'd engine, coilover suspension, 4 pot brakes and a new engine loom and Omex ECU amongst other things.
@ 122,900 miles. Friday 20th August 2010
Went out for a drive with some friends from the 106 Rallye Register in the Peak District.

Upgrades @ 122,800 miles. Tuesday 20th July 2010
Bought a set of Ultraleggeras for a great price and they are now back from powdercoating and refurb at The Wheel Specialist. Now looking rather amazing in Anthracite… I’ll hopefully get some tyres on them next month…

Upgrades @ 122,775 miles. Thursday 15th July 2010
Months ago I bought a second hand 23mm Master Cylinder off a Peugeot 406. With the 4 pot calipers that are to go on it should give a nice firm pedal feel. It came in a jiffy bag that was soaked with brake fluid and the brake lines had just been crudely snipped off. So tonight I took off the remains of the brake lines and gave it a clean up. I just need to get a blanking screw and this is ready to go. I’ve been contemplating stripping the piston cylinder and cleaning it up too before reassembling.

@ 122,700 miles. Monday 3rd May 2010
Did my first trackday at Mallory Park!

Only had one minor scare when going into Gerards and I had to hit the brakes a lot harder than expected to let a CRX in that was alongside me. The whole car went unweighted and the backend started to twitch, but as soon as I put the power back down it evened itself up.

It seemed a few didn’t listen to the overtaking rules for the circuit. I think the issue on the pit straight was that as you came out of Devil’s Elbow you naturally ran to the righthand side of the track and then needed to drift over to the left hand side so people could over take on the right. If you left drifting over too long or the people wanting to overtake were too eager and had started to overtake pretty much by the start of the straight then it let to some moves going on up the left. Overtaking down the Stebbe Straight was a really nice spot.

Had some four wheel drifting going on through the Esses on a couple of laps as I carried more speed through them which was satisfying. Never really seemed to get Gerard’s perfected (always seemed to scrub off too much speed on entry and be on the inside if the track too early). Also wondered if I should have been more aggressive through Devil’s but was a bit put off of ending up in the briefing room.
Upgrades @ 122,650 miles. Thursday 18th February 2010
Fitted the manifold studs, wrapped the manifold and have reached part way through repainting the upper part of the oil dipstick holder. I have also fitted the Samco coolant hoses.

The heat wrap is ThermoTec Copper. This is apparently what they use on works Subaru’s so it’s good stuff.
Minor Breakdown @ 122,600 miles. Sunday 8th November 2009
Shortly after the MOT after starting the car up, it seems to be running on 3 cylinders – it sounds like a cross between a Subaru and a Tractor and is really down on power.

In tracking down the fault I:

* Swapped the coil pack with my spare which made absolutely no difference.
* Took out all the plugs. It’s running rich, particularly on cylinders 1 and 4, with some oily deposits on the electrodes. Fitted new plugs, but it’s exactly the same as before.
* Disconnected the battery overnight in the vain hope that an ECU reset will help.
* Checked the compression.
* Investigated the various sensors as a potential cause.
*Got disheartened and painted up the pressure cap from the radiator…

* Sent the injectors off for refurbishment

* Replaced the lambda sensor

In the end replacing the alternator cured the problem. Bizarre!
Servicing/Repairs @ 122,505 miles. Monday 2nd November 2009
Rallye is back on the road having passed it’s MOT after a retest. A week ago it scraped through on emissions, but was failed on the brakes (front discs excessively pitted and too much travel in the handbrake. The washer bottle motor had also packed up when I was doing the final run through things the night before the test, so I stripped and cleaned it and reassembled, only for it to have packed up again by the following morning when it was actually being tested.

When I took it out of the car the silicon sealant along the seam where it had split was coming off too, so I’ve given up on it. To be frank, the 205 rear washer bottle I had fitted in the nearside rear quarter was a load of old rubbish. In the end after a bit of hunting I found a very reasonably priced and suitably small washer bottle kit on eBay. That said when it arrived it needed some silicon sealant where the pump joins the bottle to make it water tight too. Still, it’s smaller, lighter and more water tight that what it replaced and has a pump that works. Replaced the Citroen Xsara misting jets I’d fitted previously with some traditional style squirter nozzles on the bonnet and replaced all the old plastic pipework with new too.

I also fitted a Peugeot Sport exhaust with Motorsport catalyst to replace the Magnex with catalyst bypass system.

Servicing/Repairs @ 122,500 miles. Tuesday 8th September 2009
The Safety Devices roll cage is back in and loosely bolted in place after a lot of effing and blinding and trapping of fingers between pieces of steel tubing and bodywork. It’s a good tight fit which of course is the way it’s supposed to be. Just waiting for some bits to come in the post and then the interior will be complete for now.

I have managed to source a full set of Earls braided brake lines with a Wilwood bias valve and a set of matching fuel lines at a good price. The plan is to run these through the interior replacing the standard kit. I’m thinking that I will need to replace the brake lines to the rear calipers when the rear subframe is taken off for the bushing upgrade. The brakes will all need to be disconnected and with these never having been touched I don’t expect them to come apart easily.

Scuttle and strut top painting finished. The filter over the fan/blower is actually green when it’s clean! Just need to reassemble the front end and give the whole car a wash. It’s very dusty!
Servicing/Repairs @ 122,500 miles. Monday 31st August 2009
With clear coat lacquer dried, the whole interior except for the roof panel was masked off. The interior of the roof panel was then given two coats of matt black paint. I had toyed with the idea of using some black acoustic fabric for the same job as I’ve seen it done on other cars and thought it looked good, but then it would only have been for looks and would have served absolutely no purpose. After a couple of days, once that had dried the interior was finished so I could start the rebuild.

The flocked dash which has been in the spare room for almost 6 months is now in, along with the full set of carbon panels for both the doors and rear quarters. I finished up by carefully (avoided scratching the paint by using thick card) putting the main hoop of the roll cage in at the B pillars, once this is in I can fit the seats. The drivers will be the first to go in. I want to check the seating position is okay on the new sidemounts that I bought – I’ve made some changes to these already, but some more may be needed to get a good position.

@ 122,500 miles. Saturday 6th June 2009
Earlier this year I booked the car in with Ghost Developments to get the cage fitted and some other tidying up work done on the chassis. Work is now progressing nicely...

1. Weld in spreader plates and attachment points for Safety Devices 106 Cup Cage.

2. Weld in appropriate spreader plates and seat rails for driver and passenger seats.

3. Weld in front strut mount reinforcing plates in engine bay.

4. Weld in harness eyelets and spreader plates in footwell (for bottom harness strap) and on transmission tunnel (for lap straps).

5. Weld boot floor to rear arches where it has split, adding reinforcing plates as necessary.

6. Replace rotten section in middle of NS rear arch.

7. Replace rotten chassis gusset behind NS front arch.

8. Replace rotten section in NS chassis leg.
Upgrades @ 122,378 miles. Saturday 28th March 2009
In February I bought a 106 GTI ex-Rally Recce Car for parts, including the roll cage, seats and harnesses. This will be turned back into a road car with the interior from the Rallye.

Both the Sparco Revs were filthy and have been washed and have come up much better. The shoulder and seat sections had faded slightly particularly the sides that had been nearest the windows. Sprayed these withe some matt black acrylic paint and they’ve come up a treat. Very pleased with the end results.

Upgrades @ 122,300 miles. Tuesday 17th March 2009
Headed over to near Mold last night to pick up the dashboard that I’d dropped off for flocking with Autoflock. Top job done, although this muppet forgotten to pickup the steering column surround, so now I need to arrange getting that posted.

Upgrades @ 122,350 miles. Tuesday 17th March 2009
These Suzuki GSXR 1000 K2 Independent Throttle Bodies (48mm tapering to 42mm) arrived in the post today. These will form part of a long term strategy for the engine development. There are some notes and threads on t’Internet about converting motorbike ITBs for car use. I’m planning on a Colin Satchell inlet manifold, Sandy Brown loom and DTA S40 management at this stage.
Upgrades @ 122,250 miles. Monday 12th January 2009
New wheels have arrived. I’ve wanted a set of these for a long time as they’re some of the lightest alloy wheels that you can get, saving 3kg per corner over the Chronos that are on the car at the moment – even with the bigger 50 profile Toyo R888s.

Not that they’ll fit on just yet, I need a set of wheel spacers and spigots to fit them onto the 106. I don’t like the silver colour either – they’re going to be refinished in white in future…
Servicing/Repairs @ 122,200 miles. Monday 1st December 2008
Polybushed the entire front end, including the ARB. I bought a full car kit so will do the rear beam at a later date.

The handling seems tighter and some more noises have definitely been removed from the suspension. Tracking needs to be re-done due to the track rod ends being changed so will take it down to ATS to get that done.
Servicing/Repairs @ 122,010 miles. Saturday 13th September 2008
Put the car back together on Friday. I didn’t finish until the early hours due to some complications. Two of the bumper mounting brackets had bolts seized in them, the bolts came out eventually. I replaced all of the non-load bearing fixings with alloy bolts and some of the 8.8 bolts with titanium ones. I also fabricated an alloy mounting for the ecu to replaced the pressed steel part.

Servicing/Repairs Wednesday 3rd September 2008
Had a better look in the engine bay. The ECU is loose because the pressed steel plate it mounts on had come loose on two of its three mounting bolts. The lowest sits quite near the screen wash filler neck. As a result there’s quite a lot of rust in this area and the lower bolt had seized and worn a hole through the arch.

Jacked the car up, took the wheel off and the arch liner and washer bottle out and the bumper off and was presented with quite a lot of rust. Had a look at the near side and it’s just as bad, so the whole front needs doing in one go I reckon.

The battery mounting had come loose too. The clamp was corroded, so I’ll try the rust treatment I’ve picked up on that before starting on the bodywork and then refit it with some stainless hardware.
Upgrades @ 122,009 miles. Tuesday 2nd September 2008
First job on the new car. Sort out the footwell pedals... I’d looked at this yesterday, measured up to get the 50mm pedal spacing and marked out potential holes for drilling with red enamel. It was clear that the shape of the accelerator pedal wasn’t going to work, so it was a hacksaw job to cut and then file into shape.