Wednesday 21st September 2005


£1.50 per destination and no software to buy, a joint venture between Toyota GB and IS Solutions Plc., today sees the launch of TARA Mobile SatNav. They claim it's the first Pay-as-you-go Satellite Navigation solution for mobile and smart phone users in the UK.

The system requires a GPS receiver and software downloaded from their website. Each trip is then charged at £1.50 on top of your normal phone bill.

Jon West, Director of said "With over 4.5m navigation systems expected to be sold this year across Europe, TARA Mobile SatNav has arrived just in time to provide a low cost, quality solution for the intelligent motorist. With GPS devices now available around the £50 mark, SatNav has become a must have for all motorists".

TARA which stands for Traffic Avoidance and Routing Application, is an Off-board navigation solution, where all route calculation and traffic avoidance is done remotely, saving time and processing power. The data is then automatically downloaded onto the mobile via GPRS and off they go.

TARA mobile SatNav is available as a free download from either directly to the mobile or via a computer and then synchronised to the mobile. Most mobiles are compatible, with a full list being available from, the list includes popular Nokia models such as 3650, 3660, 6260, 6600, 6670, and 7610, the Siemens SX1, T-Mobile's MDA II and Compact, together with O2's XDA II range.



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