Thursday 7th June 2007


'Boot-bag' launched as an alternative to luggage racks

An alternative storage solution to the traditional luggage rack or tatty bin liner has appeared on the market.

Designed for convertibles with smallish boots – Mazda’s MX-5, the MG TF etc – ‘boot-bag’ adds 50 litres of waterproof luggage space.

The bag is manufactured in the UK from vinyl coated PVC and attaches to the boot lid using a unique fixing system that uses four fixing points, each rotating through 90 degrees so as to fit any boot lid. As it attaches using webbing straps no holes need to be drilled nor bolts or clips used.

Boot-bag sits on a non-slip membrane that is designed for use in the marine industry. The manufacturer claims this keeps the boot-bag in place even in heavy rain and protects your cars paintwork from scratches.

The boot-bag is the idea of Antony Dixon who drove to Le Mans every year in his MK1 MX-5 with a flapping bin liner on a chrome boot rack…

Boot-bag is only available from the website below and costs £59.99 + £4.95 postage.


Author: adam towler
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