Friday 11th November 2011


Macca adds emotion to its motion for the 12C

It's probably fair to say that the McLaren MP4-12C - epic car though it undoubtedly is - has had a somewhat troubled birth.

First there were the bloody noses it received at the hands of the Ferrari 458. Then there were certain amounts of constructive criticism from potential customers, dealers, and the motoring press.

Contrary to some reports, however, the folks in Woking kept churning away at making Surrey's newest supercar through October.

But now the MP4-12C is ready for the upgrades that are McLaren's answer to its critics (constructive and otherwise), and these are currently being rolled out, with customers being contacted by dealers as we type.

McLaren is keen to stress that this is not a recall, however, as the '8.2-spec' changes will be handled by dealers. They will need cars for a couple of days, though, to thoroughly test all the car's systems...

Image: GF Williams

Author: Riggers
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