Thursday 12th April 2012


If anyone can make an exciting video out of an electrically powered Renault Twizy Harris can ... or can he?

Still can't believe how long a debate the Twizy first drive created the other week. I suppose it underlines the knowledge that whether we like electric power or no, it's something we can't ignore. And therefore we cannot simply dismiss it out of hand.

Twizy leaves Harris speechless shock!
Twizy leaves Harris speechless shock!
First off, I really tried to be irresponsible in this car. I tried to make it oversteer, largely so that I could call the video "Power oversteer in a Renault Twizy' and bag myself another 200,000 views. But the thing has so much grip, it was impossible. I even went off into the doobies on some dirt track, managed a little squiggle, but the rooster-tail of dust hid the moment. Gutted. Not as gutted as the poor bloke who had to clean all the dust out of the Twizy afterwards though. Apologies for that.

Professionally, electric cars worry me. They are devices - white goods with a purpose and not much besides. Extracting engaging material from them, based on the findings of driving one around a Balearic island for a few hours, is going to be nigh-on impossible. The three boys on BBC2 will manage it because they're brilliant at making comedy out of cars. Your bottom-feeding car reviewer like myself is going to really struggle, because this emerging genre of internet car vids is all about the machine, the noise, the speed, the action. And EVs just don't have any of it.

The more PH-friendly end of the Renault range
The more PH-friendly end of the Renault range
The solution appears to be inserting something interesting. Review the EV, impart some information and then, in this case, go mental in a Clio Renaultsport 200.

I love the Clio. It's one of the best enthusiast cars on sale - for any money. A fitting counterpoint.

Enjoy the vid.

(Clio pic: Frozenspeed)

Author: Chris Harris
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