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Tuesday 26th June 2012


Like a Mini Clubman, only as a van...

Mini is to unveil the production version of its Clubvan at the Festival of Speed this weekend, which it previewed as a 'concept' (read: almost-but-not-quite production-ready) at the Geneva show back in the spring.

As you might have predicted, it is essentially a modified version of the Clubman (complete with side-entry 'clubdoor') but with the rear seats removed, a partition to separate cabin from load bay, solid panels in lieu of side windows and a flat floor with recessed hoops to help secure cargo.

It's a car-based van, basically, but one that should appeal to those with small businesses, or a hobby that requires loads of equipment. Or dog grooming, if these pics are anything to go by.

Up front is a standard Mini Clubman cabin, while under the bonnet you'll find your usual range of four-cylinder engines, except for the Cooper S and Cooper SD motors. Prices run from £11,175 to £14,510 and sales are expected to start this summer.

Author: Riggers
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