Saturday 6th April 2013


Americana, turbochargers, beautiful things and old rope. It can only be another week on PH...

We'd come up with another cold weather-related intro to the PH Motoring Week this weekend, but frankly we're fed up of it being so chilly out and we're off to the Bahamas for a couple of weeks. Actually, that's a lie - we're not. But catching up on the week's news on PH is almost as good as jetting off to the Caribbean for a couple of weeks. Isn't it?

God Bless America!
The New York motor show and its ten-a-penny unveilings of awesome new muscle cars had us hanging out the stars'n'stripes last week, and this week not much has changed with plenty more news stories emerging from the US of A. While Hennessey has been off sort-of breaking the production car speed record, Chevrolet's been busy registering theChevelle name as a trademark, sparking excited talk of a new model bearing the name. Meanwhile, Chevrolet and SRT have been duking it out at Laguna Seca in our Time ForTea video. It hasn't been all about massive engines and gasoline, though - news also came through that electric car maker Tesla has posted a profit for the first time in the company's history; meanwhile, its new rival Detroit Electric has taken the wraps off its first model, the SP:01

Turbo Thrills
Boost has been a feature of the PH homepage this week, and in quite some style. First, two turbos called the Koenig Ferrari 348 TS we spotted home, giving it 550hp in the process - not too shabby. With one less turbo, but no less charm, the Renault 5 GTTurbo was the subject of this week's Ad Break. A modern Renault, meanwhile, was announced to be taking part in the Targa Tasmania; two Megane 265s, to be precise, both factory entries. And we've also had the news that the Porsche Panamera V8 is to be replaced with an entirely new twin-turbocharged V6. Monkey told us why we wanted to buy a Mk1 Focus RS, while Scrof took an old turbo master on its last legs, theWRX STI, to Wales for a valedictory tour of its predecessors' old haunts.

Bank Holiday Belles
Last weekend's bank holiday saw two features, both involving some classic continental motoring that both made for indulgent reads. First up, Mel Nichols took a Cayman S on a trip around the Targa Florio course; meanwhile, Scrof had the experience of a lifetime sitting next to Andy Wallace in the cockpit of a Jaguar D-Type for a drive across northern France.


Old Rope
Oldness has been a factor for discussion on the site this week. We've asked whether the facelifted Gallardo is getting on a little too much, and taken it to meet a former owner. Meanwhile, an old Astravan was spotted yesterday that packed something of a surprising punch under its bonnet. There was bad news for sellers, but good news for buyers as it was announced this week that a slide in used car values is to be expected. And BMW also revealed the X4, which was widely received by many PHers as a load of old...

Team PH Speaks
A trio of blogs from Team PH this week: Dan's published two, both in keeping with the site's American feel, being as they are on the subject of Vipers, Chargers and Corvettes. Meanwhile, Scrof's questioned the rationale behind Peugeot's attempt to link its latest GTIs with the original 205, and Chris Harris has dipped a toe into the murky waters of flash tuning with his latest video - and liked what he found.



Next Week on PH:

  • We drive the new Audi RS6
  • Carpool features a Ford Sierra Sapphire Cosworth
  • Monkey invites you to tell him he's wrong about the Alfa Romeo SZ
  • We ride the Honda CBR500
Author: Alex Robbins
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