Thursday 11th July 2013


See Goodwood and drive it (virtually) at the Festival of Speed this weekend

As if the PlayStation vs. Xbox debate needed further fuel, Gran Turismo has announced something of a circuit coup; the sixth generation of the real driving simulator will feature the Goodwood hillclimb course for the first time.

GT6 just went on a few more Xmas lists...
GT6 just went on a few more Xmas lists...
Lord March's 1.1-mile driveway has been faithfully recreated by Kazunori Yamauchi and the Gran Turismo team ready for a GT6 demo at the Festival of Speed this weekend. Fans will be given the opportunity to drive the course virtually in a variety of cars, although the list is currently unconfirmed.

The 'race pods' featuring the game will be available at the family area and the Goodwood hotel, whilst Nissan and Alfa Romeo will have permanent pods on their stands throughout the weekend.

Lord March commented on the hillclimb's inclusion: "I feel proud and honoured that the Festival of Speed has been chosen to showcase Gran Turismo 6 globally, as I cannot think of a more fitting gaming partner for this celebration of motor sport and car culture".

GT is 15 this year, the FoS 20. Feel old much?
GT is 15 this year, the FoS 20. Feel old much?
Kazunori Yamauchi added: "Goodwood represents every type of motoring and motorsport which very much mirrors what we aim to achieve with Gran Turismo and so it is very special that we have forged this partnership".

GT6 is expected on PS3 by the end of 2013. So far, around 1,200 cars and 71 tracks are expected, the latter list including Silverstone for the first time with notable cars including the LCC Rocket and Tesla Model S. Forza 5, your move...

Author: Matt Bird
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