Tuesday 18th October 2005


S8 will be punted by 450bhp V10 and be PQ

S8 gets alloy tweaks over this A8
S8 gets alloy tweaks over this A8
The range-topping Audi luxo-barge will be powered a Lamborghini V10, as revealed at the Tokyo motor show this week, according to Autocar.

On show was the new £50,000 S8, due to hit the dealers next year. It'll be propelled by a 450bhp, 40-valve four-camshaft engine very similar to that found in the Gallardo.

It gets more torque than the Lambo's powerplant but delivered at lower revs for a more relaxed delivery: 398lb-ft at 3,500rpm, with 90 per cent available from 2,300rpm, as opposed to the Gallardo's more peaky 376lb-ft at 4,500rpm. It's bigger too at 5,204cc, compared to the Gallardo's 4,961cc.

The underpinnings are much the same as the previous S8, using Audi's permanent Quattro 4WD and the A8's optional air suspension, but lowered by 20mm and a using a firmer setup. The four-wheel drive system's power delivery is more rear-biased at 40:60, and is driven through a six-speed Tiptronic 'box. No slouch, zero to 60mph is said to arrive in 5.1 seconds.

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