Monday 14th November 2005


Can this really cut petrol prices?

Pay using a Pipeline card
Pay using a Pipeline card
A new discounted petrol scheme has just launched, which said that it expects to be able to offer its members discounts of between 5p and 10p a litre.

The scheme, dubbed Pipeline, was established in 2005 by Ben Scammell, a keen motoring enthusiast. He personally funded the setup of the Web site in 2004 to funnel the feelings of those of us who disagreed with the financial persecution of the motorist.

Scammell's a member of the Mitsubishi Lancer Register and spends much of his free time organising events for club members, and he races his Caterham 7 Roadsport in the Caterham Roadsport Inter championship.

The Web site reports that Scammell is currently negotiating with a major national fuel retailer and expects to be able to offer cheaper petrol and diesel in most parts of the UK as soon as there are enough members of the scheme.

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