Wednesday 13th September 2006


Is this 770Li real or badge-engineered?

BMW 770Li?
BMW 770Li?
Is BMW about to bring out a top-end, long wheelbase 7-Series – with a VW/Audi-style W12 engine under the bonnet?

That’s one conclusion to be drawn from this photo, snapped by eagle-eyed PHer vinceh in London this week. If true, it would push the top end of BMW’s price list even higher -- the 760Li currently sports a tag of £83,730 -- and the performance of Munich's portly 2,255Kg luxo-barge even higher; the 445bhp 6-litre V12 in the 760Li will power it to 62mph from rest in a highly respectable 5.6 seconds.

Alternatively, maybe someone’s just having a larf with some badges...

Your view?

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