Thursday 14th September 2006


Bike-powered funster hits 60mph in 3.3 seconds

Is it a bike or a car? It's certainly not a plane -- the T-Rex is a super-quick three-wheeler that gets from 0-60mph in 3.3 seconds.

Powered by a 187bhp Kawasaki 1,400cc engine dropped into its multi-tubular steel chassis frame, it's driven through a sequential six-speed close-ratio gearbox, purpose-designed reverse gear, and uses a rear wheel torque damper. The body is reinforced fibre-glass plastic-sandwich construction, with a carbon fibre windscreen and headrests. Inside are two seats with adjustable backs, and adjustable pedal box, and three-point retractable safety belts.

Built in Canada, it's never been seen officially in the UK -- until this coming weekend. Previews are likely to be at Piccolino Restaurant, Virgina Water, on Friday evening and at the British SuperBikes Silverstone at the weekend and possibly London's Finsbury Square next Monday lunchtime.

The purpose of the tour is to see the reaction of potential buyers in the UK and, if favourable, it should be road legal for the UK by summer 2007. It'll cost some £30,000.

The Canadian site link is below; the UK site (same URL but is not yet ready.

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