Thursday 14th June 2007


Saloon and Convertible M3 testing at the 'Ring

The M3 saloon is back
The M3 saloon is back
The new M3 coupe doesn’t have its international launch until next month, but here’s proof that the development of its sister models is moving apace.

Although the cars wear light disguise over some of their M specific details, the trademark quad exhaust pipes and power bulge bonnets can clearly be seen.

As can also be seen from the pictures, the convertible (the black car) uses the folding metal roof from the new 3 series convertible, unlike the soft fabric roof of the old E46 M3 Convertible. The saloon version (the silver car) is making a comeback since the days when it was offered as a variant on the E36 shape M3.

M3 Convertible uses folding metal roof
M3 Convertible uses folding metal roof
It looks doubtful that either of these new M3 variants will be seen before early next year, as the coupe isn’t due to be launched until the autumn. A saloon M3 at the Detroit show and the Convertible at Geneva 2008 seem a fair bet.

The much – rumoured M3 Touring remains a mystery, with the car supposedly testing in private. BMW board members are said to be watching closely the sales progress of the recently launched M5 Touring before making a decision on whether to expand the M3 range to a fourth model. If they go for it, don’t expect a Touring until late 2008.


Author: adam towler
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