Tuesday 31st July 2007


Meet the toy car that's faster than a Ferrari

200mph? Fantastic!
200mph? Fantastic!
Radio control car enthusiast Nic Case is planning to obliterate the current R/C land speed record of 134.4mph, with a figure nearer 200mph.

Powered by a 29.6 volt direct drive motor, his home-made X2 R/C car has been months in development and can theoretically hit 274mph. However, the actual figure will be nearer the 200mph mark when you incorporate air and road-generated friction.

Nic has put special foam based tyres on the X2 which can deal with the stupidly high RPM, while a gyroscope will be used to sense if the car goes off course and correct its path.

That’s one R/C car that you don’t want driven into your ankles…

Source: Jalopnik

Author: A1GOY
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