Thursday 23rd August 2007


Go all superspy and get fingerprint recognition for your car

Whilst surfing the web we came across this little gadget – the ATRD M10 fingerprint scanner, after keyless entry I guess this development was inevitable.

When you get into your car, pop the key in the ignition and twist until the electrics begin to work. Then place your finger on the scanner and wait for the green LED to tell you that you’re allowed to use the car. If you're not recognised the car won't start.

The system itself uses wireless modules within the car to immobilise it – making the whole system nigh on impossible to find and remove if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

The system can store up to ten prints and there is even a ‘valet mode’ so you can turn it off when the car is being cleaned/maintained by someone not on your list of ten special people.

There are different modules available for the M10, making it compatible with any alarm or immobiliser system.

Looking at the pictures it doesn't look neat enough to be production ready, but as ideas go, it's not a bad one.....not sure what happens if it goes wrong though.


Author: A1GOY
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