Monday 29th October 2007


Autobahns to stay limit free, insists German chancellor

Autobahns: Motoring nirvana
Autobahns: Motoring nirvana
Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel has insisted that her government would not try and introduce a speed limit on the autobahns, despite a call from her Social Democrat (SPD) coalition partners, it has been reported.

The SPD were said to have voted in favour of a 130km/h (80mph) speed limit, arguing it would help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

But in an interview to be aired today on German ZDF television Mrs Merkel flatly rejected the proposal, saying: ‘This is not going to happen to me’.

'Traffic jams are at least as harmful to the climate as speeding,’ she added.

Many parts of the German autobahn have no speed limits – a fact that is enjoyed by many British car enthusiasts travelling in the country.

Mrs Merkel is said to be in favour of better traffic management systems, suggesting they would be a more effective way of preventing excessive emissions on the motorway.

Author: Oli S
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