Friday 18th January 2008


Police in Scotland vow to catch speeders who film their antics

Biker appears to hit 189mph on YouTube
Biker appears to hit 189mph on YouTube
Police are to crack down on the increasing number of drivers who film themselves breaking the speed limit, it has been reported.

The number of young people who use mobile phones to video themselves driving recklessly is on the increase and officers have warned they will be prosecuted if caught.

The footage often ends up on video-sharing sites such as YouTube.

The craze is growing all over the country and police have warned young drivers are risking their lives to make the films.

Earlier in January we bought you news of a motorcyclist apparently doing 189mph on a public road.

It is a particular problem in Fife and a film of a driver doing over 100mph on a rural road is now being examined by officers.

The footage shows the man’s face and officers are now attempting to trace him.

Head of roads policing, Ch Insp Alex Duncan, told the BBC Scotland news website: ‘Driving is a serious responsibility and you've got to have all parts of your brain thinking about driving to make sure that you're safe and other road users are safe.

‘If you're doing that [filming], you're not concentrating on the road and that, at the end of the day, is what's going to keep you safe.’

Author: Oli S
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