Monday 18th February 2008


Could diesel be the way forward?

Diesel- the right direction for Bentley?
Diesel- the right direction for Bentley?
Yes that's right, we could soon be seeing a diesel Bentley. OK, so it's not going to be some rattly old unit that's all about economy but it's still a diesel and it's in a Bentley. I'm not sure how I feel about that?

Maybe it shouldn't surprise us, after all VW have some fairly impressive diesels available, and only recently we told you about the R8 V12 TDI concept, but apparently there are some more performance orientated diesels waiting in the wings too

Adrian Hallmark, Bentleys Marketing Director told AutoTelegraaf that a diesel powerplant would make sense for the Bentley brand because its customers expect a low revving, high- torque engine. However the project has yet to get the green light- as customer demand isn't high enough to warrant the engineering costs.

If it does go ahead, the shortlisted engines are the VW V10 and V12 TDIs- however Hallmark claims that these units are too large to fit under the bonnet of the Continental GT or Flying Spur, so perhaps it will look to one of the forthcoming engines instead. Quite how Audi manage to fit the V12 into an R8, if it doesn't fit into a Flying Spur, is beyond us.


Author: Garlick
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