Friday 29th February 2008


Men arrested for selling rebodied Toyotas in Italy

Incredibly, it was once a Toyota...
Incredibly, it was once a Toyota...
A gang of rogue mechanics in Italy has been arrested for selling fake Ferraris.

The men were said to be cobbling together the counterfeit supercars in much the same way as people do here – out of Toyota MR2s and Pontiacs – and selling them for £15,000 each.

Police are understood to have confiscated 14 fake 360 Modenas – seven sold and seven under construction – and eight people are under investigation.

Apparently those buying the cars knew they were fakes (how wouldn’t they?) so we can only hope that people rolling in rebodied MR2s over here will soon get busted for being so lame.

It seems that in Italy just selling a Ferrari replica is actually against the law, whereas over here it is just a crime against style.

Investigators in Italy said the buyers were simply buying the cars to impress the neighbours.

‘That is the only reason,’ said Guido Geremia head of the Italian financial police unit that led the investigation.

A Ferrari spokeswoman said they monitored websites for evidence of fakes.

‘Ferrari is a product that maintains its value over time and of course we try to protect our clients who buy the real thing.

‘When a car is not official, it does not have the characteristics it should have for the brand,’ she added.

Author: Oli S
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