Friday 4th April 2008


Ceramic brakes and Pontiac V10 for '09 supercar

It seems that it’s not just the Brits who like to tempt us with supercar concepts that seem ever so slightly over-ambitious.

This time it is the turn of the Spanish, in particular GTA Motor, who have unveiled plans for a brand new supercar.

This 800hp monster will be completely handbuilt and the company is planning to sell 98 units this year.

As the car won’t hit the showrooms until 2009, we’re guessing this means GTA Motor want to secure that many orders this year.

It is powered by a Pontiac V10 and the company estimates it will be good for 211mph.

It will have a six-speed gearbox and ceramic brakes and this year GTA hopes to produce a 1:1 finished prototype.

Author: Oli S
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