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Wednesday 9th April 2008


No V8 but new gearbox for Superlight R500

Superlight R500: Coming in spring
Superlight R500: Coming in spring
Caterham has released a teaser image of the R500 Superlight, which will break cover in spring.

A company insider confirmed to PistonHeads that the car will not have the rumoured RS Performance V8 but will feature a ‘different gearbox’.

The source would not deny a paddle shift, but as this was available on the recently announced limited edition RS Performance RST-V8 Caterham we can only think it could be fitted to the R500, possibly as an option.

The car will be less than 490kg and will have over 500bhp/ton, with an expected 0-60mph time of under 3.6 seconds.

As the Caterham website says the car is ‘classified’ and more information will be available in the spring.

Author: Oli S
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