Wednesday 30th July 2008


X6 M Car expected to sell as well as M5...

If your idea of a BMW M-car is not a four-seat SUV/Coupe that weighs over two tonnes then look away now - because the X6 is joining the party! According to reports BMW has confirmed a high performance version of the X6 after seeing how well the Cayenne Turbo and AMG Mercedes MLs have done.

Speaking with Germany’s Auto Motor und Sport, the boss of BMW’s M division, Ludwig Willisch said that sports versions of the X5 and X6 are in the pipeline and sales are expected to match those of the M5. While they will still be powered by BMW’s new 4.4L V8 twin-turbo engine, output is expected to be higher than the current 400bhp (298kW) and 450lb-ft (600Nm) torque in the xDrive50i.

The car will have larger intakes at the front and could make its debut early next year, said Willisch. It will also have a revised grille and new side mirrors. For the rest of the range he said there will be no 1 Series-based M car and no M3 Touring.

Author: Oli S
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