Tuesday 17th March 2009


340hp five-cylinder 'under consideration' for RS3

Audi is considering putting the turbocharged five-cylinder unit from the TT-RS into the A3 hatchback, it has been reported. As yet there has been no RS3 but Audi seems keen to stretch the appeal of its top-line brand and this could include its smallest model.

Speaking with Dutch website Autovisie, Audi development boss Michael Dick said a new RS3 fitted with the five-cylinder turbocharged engine from the TT-RS was under serious consideration.

Output is expected to be the same 340hp and 332lb ft as the TT-RS, which could give the A3 sub-five second 0-60mph capability. However some reports suggest the engine would be de-tuned so as not to upset those who have shelled out £43,000 on the coupe.

Considering the S3 already costs almost £30K, though, the price of an RS3 would likely be in the region of £35K – making it one of the most expensive hatchbacks ever, bar a few homologation specials.

A five-cylinder for the car may be under consideration, according to Dick, but he gave no indication of whether an RS3 is confirmed.

Author: Oli S
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