Friday 17th July 2009


Woking's F430 rival spotted filling up during development testing

Even supercars have to get petrol...
Even supercars have to get petrol...
Sharp-eyed PHer Ted Datson took these snaps after he spotted these two McLaren P11 prototypes filling up during a hard dayís development testing near Cranleigh in Surrey.

We reckon itís the best chance yet to get a proper view of the Ferrari F430 and Lamborghini Gallardo-chasing supercar thatís due on sale in 2011.

The petrol station background really helps to put the size of the P11 into context, highlighting its compact dimensions and emphasising its Ďjuniorí supercar credentials.

The heavy disguise still doesnít reveal much about the P11ís looks other than its traditional mid-engined proportions, however.

The rear shot does seem to show a bit more info, though. The car on the left appears to have raised rear spoiler thatís absent from the car on the right. Is that evidence that the P11 will have a retractable rear spoiler a la Audi R8, or does it suggest two model variants are being worked on? Of course, it could also just be that the boys from Woking are still experimenting with the aero package.

The rear of the P11 also displays a hint of Pagani Zonda, but we suspect thatís more the boxy disguise and trailer-spec rear lights giving that impression than anything else.

The P11 is expected to be powered by a Mercedes V8 tweaked by Mahle Powertrain in the UK, and prices could start from less than £100k.

Author: Riggers
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