Monday 4th January 2010


Wireframe Lamborghini sculpture on sale for £40k

It may look like an unfinished CGI graphic or something straight out of Tron, but this orange Lamborghini is actually real, and it's the work of 32-year-old artist Benedict Radcliffe.

The life-size fluorescent Countach is made from 160 feet of 10mm-thick steel tubing and is the second wire car that former architect Radcliffe has made, the first being a Subaru Impreza back in 2007.

"The Lambo allowed me to use all the skills I have learnt from my previous work as an architect, fabricator and artist" Radcliffe told The Times. "It uses really complex curves and was a real labour of love."

It's a relatively cheap way to get your hands on a Countach, too - Radcliffe's piece is for sale at £40,000. That's significantly less than the real thing (How much is an old Countach these days then? Ed), although admittedly the wireframe version won't be quite as quick.

Weirdly, Radcliffe has based his work on the Countaches tweaked by German tuner Koenig rather than the original, but each to their own...



Author: Riggers
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