Tuesday 22nd June 2010


Electric supercar prototype revealed

These are the first images of the all-electric version of the Mercedes SLS AMG. It's called the E-cell and, although it is currently a concept, it is slated for production in 2013.

The E-cell is powered by four electric motors, with a pair in each axle and driving all four wheels. Each motor revs to 12,000rpm and all four make a combined 519bhp and 649lb ft of torque.

The battery packs are Lithium polymer and are sited behind the cabin and on the transmission tunnel.

Mercedes is claiming 0-62mph in 4.0secs.

The front electric motors mean the petrol SLS's double wishbone suspension has been abandoned in favour of push-rod dampers and a more compact multi-link set-up.

Other tweaks to the SLS include an extendable front splitter and a larger rear diffuser, so the electric car can generate more downforce than its petrol sister, while inside there's a 10-inch touch-screen display.

Author: Riggers
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