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Monday 26th July 2010


'Ferrari' 500 is coming to the UK - but it won't be cheap

£30k. A lot for a red Fiat...
£30k. A lot for a red Fiat...
Fiat is set to bring its Abarth 500-based 695 Tributo Ferrari to the UK (well, 152 of them), and in right-hand drive form.

The Tributo Ferrari, first revealed last September, was not originally destinatined for the UK, but Fiat is aiming to grab a piece of the same sort of market that Aston Martin is going after with its Toyota iQ-based Cygnet - in other words Fiat wants Ferrari owners who want an additional 'everyday' car to buy it.

It won't be cheap, however - Abarth is going to be asking 35,500 euros (just under £30k) for the privilege.

...but you do get four exhausts
...but you do get four exhausts
Power comes from a tweaked version of the Abarth 500's 1.4-litre turbocharged motor with what Abarth will only describe as 'more than 177bhp', which is coupled to a semi-automatic paddle shift gearbox.

Other dynamic tweaks include a variable -pressure exhaust that changes the engine note once you pass 3000rpm, four-piston calipers clamping onto 284mm Brembo discs and beefed-up suspension.

Visual revisions include carbon fibre door mirrors, a F430 Scuderia-aping grey rear diffuser and - of course - a red paint job. Inside there are black leather bucket seats, a leather steering wheel and aluminium pedals.

Pogea's 260bhp take on the car
Pogea's 260bhp take on the car

Meanwhile, if 'more than 177bhp' isn't enough, German tuners Pogea racing will tweak your Abarth 500 to a cool 260bhp. This (we think) starts with a regular Tributo Ferrari, which then gets upgraded ECU software, a choice of two turbos, a new intercooler and Bosch fuel injectors.

Author: Riggers
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