Monday 9th August 2010


The Isle of Man, David Coulthard and a Mercedes SLS AMG - sounds like movie magic to us...

You probably don't need much of an excuse to pop down to the pub of a weekend but this - the prospective showing of the 'world's fastest 3D car movie' - is a cracking reason to pop down to the Dog and Duck for a swift half.

The film was shot on the Isle of Man, where they closed the Mountain Road - part of the iconic TT road circuit - to allow ex-F1 driver and TV pundit David Coulthard to put a Mercedes SLS AMG properly through its paces, and top out at 162mph along the way.

So what tracking car do you use to sit six feet in front of an SLS AMG at speeds of more than 140mph? Why another SLS AMG, of course - piloted this time by rally ace Robbie Head.

Add to that specialist boom cars and helicopters and we reckon it's fairly safe to deduce that this is not a low-budget effort.

Have a little gander at this trailer and fascinating 'making of' documentary in good ol' 2D for a little more info.

If you can't make it to a 3D-ready boozer on Sunday - when the film will be shown on Sky's 3D pub channel - then don't worry, because the film will also be showing in Mercedes dealers in the autumn. Although the guest ales in Merc dealers are always rubbish...




Author: Riggers
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