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Friday 13th August 2010


Twin supercharged M5 conversion lives up to its name - Hurricane

230mph, 800hp Hurricane RS...
230mph, 800hp Hurricane RS...
'Speed Matters', so here's news from German Tuner G-Power which is claiming a new record for the 'World's Fastest Sedan'.

372.1kmh - or 231.2mph - is the number apparently recorded during an outing at the test track for the company's BMW M5 based Hurricane RR, up from its previous best of a meagre 367.4kmh (228mph) earlier this year. We're not sure if the new feat was independently witnessed, and it was a peak maximum on an oval test track rather than a speed reached over the flying mile in both directions, but we're still allowing ourselves to be graciously impressed. (Especially as the Hurricane RR is powered by the same V10 engine that we're running in the PH fleet BMW M6 - Hurrah!)

G-Power's car is blessed with a little more poke than ours thanks to the adoption of twin ASA T1-316 superchargers, both belt driven and each providing pressure to a bank of cylinders.

...but it comes with £200k price tag!
...but it comes with £200k price tag!
The tuners tell us that a complicated aluminium casting replaces the standard air box on top of the engine, and its direct inlet is responsible for "incomparable response and also much more torque".

The inner workings of the 10-cylinder, four-valve engine feature Mahle high-performance forged pistons for lower compression and increased mechanical strength. The standard connecting rods and piston pins have been upgraded too.

A remap of the engine electronics also contributes to the increased output, which G-Power says is up to 800hp between 7500-8000rpm with 590lb ft available at 5,000 rpm.

The car was fitted with specially certified 19ins Michelin Pilot Sport tyres for the record run.

We'll make do with our V10's 507hp...
We'll make do with our V10's 507hp...
If you fancy a bit of the World's Fastest Sedan, G-Power will tune up your existing M5 to suit, or supply you a complete one for €251,100, which tells us amounts to the princely sum of £206,481.98. All of which sadly means we'll not be talking to them about an upgrade for the editorial M6...

Author: Chris-R
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