Tuesday 12th April 2011


Full CAD drawings released by 1000mph land speed record team

One for those with a fair bit of time to kill, this (or as perfect work-displacement activity): The BLOODHOUND Project has published the full design drawings for its jet and rocket-powered World Land Speed Record contender, BLOODHOUND SSC.

Normally, 1000mph vehicles at the cutting-edge of technology are shrouded in secrecy, but parto f the point of BLOODHOUND is to share the 'adventure' - and data - with the biggest audience possible. Consequently, the design drawings will be distributed to over 4,500 schools and colleges across the UK, where they can be accessed by over 1.5m students.

The downloadable 3D design drawings reveal 4,000 individually designed components; you can deconstruct the CAD model layer by layer, rotate on all axes and zoom in and out, using professional engineering software from Siemens.

The 3D design drawings allow viewers to explore the engineering that allows BLOODHOUND SSC to accelerate from 0 -1050 mph and back in just 100 seconds and yet safely handle the phenomenal forces and loads acting upon it. When we say phenomenal we mean it: 47,000 lbs thrust is generated by its jet and rocket engines; there are 30 tonne suspension loadings; air pressures on the bodywork will be up to 10 tonnes per square metre; the air brakes each exert 2.2 tonnes as they open; and the solid aluminium wheels alone weigh 90 kg each and will be spinning at 10,200 rpm, generating 50,000 radial g at the rim.

Mark Chapman, BLOODHOUND chief engineer, says: "If you had a spare jet, rocket and F1 engine, you could, in theory, use these drawings to build your own BLOODHOUND at home. Much as we enjoy a good race, we don't recommend it. Things get pretty hairy when you travel faster than a bullet!"

A spare jet, rocket and F1 engine, you say, Mark? Funnily enough, we've got all of those lying around PH Towers... (actually we really do have an F1 engine). Now where did we put that socket set...??

You can download the BLOODHOUND CAD drawings here. But be warned, you'll probably need to install some specialist software to view them (although this is available free via a link on the same page).

Author: Riggers
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