Friday 3rd June 2011


Only in America...

This is Motorplex, Minneapolis, and it's basically a village of garages - or 'Man Caves' as one owner describes it for the piece on KARE11 local news.

It is, says reporter Boyd Huppert, whose segment is inexplicably called 'Land of 10,000 stories' (we wonder what happens when he's done 10,000 stories) and who speaks with the sort of breathless enthusiasm only American TV reporters can manage, "an automotive condominium complex - for cars!!"

It's like a country club for vehicle enthusiasts, apparently - and we must admit that some of the members' garages do look super-cool, although we're not quite sure if we agree with the owner's assertion that the developments 'looks like an old European village'.

Twice a month they even hold a Sunday Service-style gathering, so if you're ever Minneapolis-way, take a look in...

Clicky linky to see video...

Cheers to PHer suffolk009 for pointing us in the direction off this story.


Author: Riggers
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