Thursday 14th July 2011


Holy jet-based propulsion systems, Batman (etc)

Ah, the Batmobile. Surely the perfect set of wheels for kids (of all ages) who appreciate both cars and comics.

Problem is, most Batmobiles (even movie originals like the one sold on eBay at the beginning of the year) come with painfully disappointing Detroit V8 lumps for motive power, rather than the flame-spitting jet propulsion of the Tim Burton-era movies.

But be disappointed no more, bat fans, for a gentleman by the name of Casey Putsch has put together what he is calling the world's only turbine-powered Batmobile.

Under the indescribably phallic bonnet lies a Boeing turboshaft engine that began life in a US naval drone helicopter. Now, it has been plumbed into the Batmobile rep and, being as it is rated at 385hp and has to push a reasonably modest 1270kg, should propel the Caped Crusader along at a more-than-decent lick.

And if you're wondering what the iPad is doing strapped to the car's centre console, apparently this acts as both the avionics system and the Sat-Nav. Not that Batman needs sat-nav. He always knows where he's going.


Author: Riggers
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