Saturday 9th June 2012


A reminder to PHers that our next PH meet with take place in Le Mans on Friday 15th June

This is where the Friday Service will be
This is where the Friday Service will be
Au revoir (are you sure that's right? Ed) to those who are making the trip to Le Mans this weekend, we wish you a safe journey and urge you to make the sun shine for those of us due to depart a little later in the week. While you are there, the rest of us will sit at home counting down the minutes as we attempt to convince the Mrs that Le Mans isn’t that much fun and of course we’ll miss them while we are away.

The weather this year is a worry, of course, but come rain or shine the PH team will open the gate to the Le Mans Friday Service at Parking du Fresne on Friday 15th June at 13.00 and for the first time in PH Service history we will actually have a gate to open. How exciting. We'll close those gates at 16.00, meaning it's a shorter meet than usual, but with so much to do in Le Mans that's not a bad thing.

Not only have we borrowed some ACO grass to host the continental touring PHer, we have also laid on some rather fine food from the team behind Laverstoke Park Farm (owned by Jody Scheckter). There will in addition be some cold beer from the 1st-Tickets crew and we also hope to welcome the Nissan Juke Box (see what they did there?) to provide some music around the food area. It’s going to be an event to remember - and at least you can be assured we won't serve those weird red sausages they sell in the supermarkets over there.

If you fancy coming along we would really appreciate it if you would sign up on the calendar, as this will help us monitor how many people are planning to come along. For those who would rather arrive on foot, we have provided a way for you to register as a pedestrian, as although car spaces are limited to 500 we can accept more on foot.

We really hope to see plenty of Le Mans-based PHers there, and as you arrive say hello to us as we (the PH team) will be the gate staff (we're very excited about this gate).

See some of you in France, and for those not making the trip the normal Sunday Service will return to the UK in July.

A map of the Friday Service venue can be found here

The calendar list can be found here

Author: Garlick
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